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About twenty years ago a small group in England began receiving channelled teachings from a source using the name "Hasim"

Interspersed among these teachings emerged an unusual series of communications from the Intelligences who control the world of the Elements

It seems that these energies are working together during a period of intense change that they expect to affect us all, and there's an urgent need to develop a closer working relationship with mankind

As time went by the group began to communicate with the intelligences that oversee the evolution of mankind itself

Although most of these communications were received some years ago, the messages seem even more relevant to our present situation

 Please note a number of posts will be added over time

1 The Outer Atmosphere

2 The Earth Energy

3 The Lifeforce of Earth

4 The Inner earth

5 The Core of the Earth

6 The Element of Time

7 The Ocean depths

8 The Bedrock Energy

9 The Magma Energy

10 The Source of Light and Love

11 The Mountain Deva

12 The Polar Regions

13 The Crystal Deva

14 The Inner Earth

15 The Mineral Kingdom

16 The Mineral Kingdom 2

17 The Mineral Kingdom 3

18 The Earth - Connecting Energy

19 Inca Being

20 Andean Being

21 Andean Being Energy for Healing

22 The Water Deva

23 The Subtle Water Energy

24 The Halo of the Earth

25 The Air Energy

26 The Winds of Change

27 Space

28 Deva of the Heavens

29 Deva of the Planets

30 The Lunar Energy

31 Beings from Beyond the Sun

32 The Solar System

33 The Interstellar Space