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  1. Good evening Matthew this is Zorovan, welcome back, it’s good to be talking to you again especially this evening when we are talking of supplying information for your first blog post we believe. On a recommendation from a friend and it’s to do with Haiti. The dreadful recent disaster which has unfolded on the small island of Haiti which appears to have cost many thousands of lives


    So how does this relate to the information that you’ve been passing on many occasions recently regarding the geophysical upheaval?


    Well it is our considered opinion that this does not represent the beginning of this sequence of events. However, obviously it will be events exactly like this which will occur in rapid succession around the globe that will signal the start of this geophysical upheaval sequence. It is going to be very difficult to impress upon people Matthew that there is a logic behind this apparent chaos; that there is a plan behind this apparently random act: but that is the case


    As we’ve been telling your readers for many months now, this is all focused on re-adjusting climate zones around the world. And whilst it will not be easy to trace the ‘cause and effect’ on a simple basis, as it is complicated and interconnected, it is present regardless


    So moving on to discuss how individuals can actively help.


    This is again not quite as straightforward as it may seem, in that you probably would expect some sort of physical intervention to be that which we would suggest as being most effective. Well apart from this not actually being possible - you’re aware of the logistical issues which surround this event - we wouldn’t actually suggest that at all


    In the past we have talked about the power of thought, and indeed it is employing this very powerful type of behaviour which we would suggest certainly as a starting point. Prayer we would also include in this, simply because thought and prayer are essentially one and the same thing; prayer being verbalised thought. It is a far more effective way of assisting the individuals; in helping to alleviate their fear and anxiety; all of these sorts of symptoms which are obviously present to a large degree but are not really able to be separated out from the overall emotion of the event


    So we would say that a constant level of attention if you like; through thought activity and prayer; directed towards the location; directed towards all of the individuals involved, is of enormous benefit


    Perhaps more beneficial than even this would be to work with Light. Now there are many millions of individuals around the globe in a position to do this; who are actively working with the Light; who are able to draw down the Light into the world, drawing it through themselves to transmute it, then to direct it wherever it’s required. This can be to a particular site; a country; a location; a person; a group of people; whatever is considered appropriate.


    So this will very easily be overlaid onto the Haiti situation. Again this healing divine Light will be enabling; it will enable individuals to cope much better with the circumstances in which they find themselves. It will enable them to deal with the anxiety, stress and fear: particularly it will address the fear. Although it’s very difficult to demonstrate this effect to you; it will have a very definite calming effect on the individuals concerned. And whereas it may not be as obviously physically effective as water or food or shelter, it is in many ways far more effective than all of these, in a much subtler fashion


    We are conscious that these documents aren’t meant to be too wordy. We’d like to encourage people to come back and enquire more deeply about aspects of what has been said; or to launch a completely new enquiry. A very good evening