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  1. Good evening Matthew this is Zorovan. we come to you this evening with an answer to the question about which types of vegetable will fair best in the dim period which the Earth is soon to experience
    Firstly it needs to be made very clear that not all types of plant or vegetable will respond in the same way to the lack of sunlight due to the cloud of high-level volcanic ash
    So whilst there will be shortages of certain types of foods, these will be able to be made up with a focus of attention on those types of plants which will weather this condition better
    Those types of staple foods which are derived from 'ancient grasses' i.e. rice, wheat and the like will fair badly; these crop types will produce very poor yields. That said, the genetically modified varieties of these crops will be less affected and it would make sense to switch to these types; we are aware that this will be a highly contentious decision as a lot of suspicion still surrounds the whole area of GM
    The one type of cereal which will fair surprisingly well is oats. we are not able to offer an explanation of this in simple terms; suffice to say that this plant type will deliver good yields
    The one group of vegetables which will suffer very little ill effect during this difficult period will be root crops. In very simple terms there is a link here to fact that there exists no need to 'ripen' these types of food, which is very much the case with those derived from grasses, and so root crops and in particular the potato will go a long way to filling the gap which will be caused by the problems experienced with other staple foods
    And finally a word about trees. Broad-leafed trees will suffer far more than narrow-leafed conifer types. This means that fruit trees for example will be hard hit. it should be noted however that trees will respond to this period as if it were an extended winter period: species will not go extinct over this period as it is too short: they will simply enter an extended dormant period
    We hope this information is of use to your readers, and we welcome other questions of a similar nature. A very good evening
  2. Good evening this is Zorovan, we've come to talk to you about aspects of working with the Light as this has come up on a number of posts reference the Haiti disaster
    firstly we should say that everybody is capable of doing this type of work; some will due to their work on themselves be more proficient than others, but all are able to make a valid contribution
    the key driver behind this work is having a clear intention, and this when coupled with a strong visualisation will ensure the effectiveness of the work. So to start with visualise a clear connection with 'the source'; the 'source of all that is'; the 'sun behind the sun'...any of these constructs will work. and then draw down the Light in through yourself and out through your heart chakra
    direct this Light, with strong intention, anywhere you believe it to be needed; into the Earth perhaps to regenerate the energies; towards an individual or group in need (Haiti for instance); also perhaps direct it to a light store, which can be a location of your choosing where a pool of such energy is collected for future use
    bear in mind that working with the Light is much more effective when done in a group situation. individuals working alone are fine but groups are far more effective, due to the fact that a group of four working together generates the power of sixteen i.e. it is increased to the power of four squared
    finally on the point of transmutation of the Light. the point here is simple. the subtle nature of the Light needs to be altered in order for it to be able to be assimilated by man. the Light in its 'raw' form is not usable, so to bring the Light into, through and out of the body during that process of drawing down, ensures it can be made use of properly
    we hope you find this useful and look forward to receiving other similar enquiries